Report of the plenary session of IV21

The plenary session of IV21 was held successfully on July 12, 2021. It was broadcasted from Aichi Television, Nagoya, Japan, and connected online to the USA, Germany, and many other regions of the world.

Chris Glenn and Michi Yokoi were moderators of the session, who have done an excellent job. In the opening ceremony, Prof. Kazuya Takeda, the Generation Chair of IV21, gave an opening remark, followed by the greetings from Present Wei-Bin Zhang of IEEE ITS Society and Prof. Toshio Fukuda, the Past President of IEEE. Subsequently, Dr. Chunzhao Guo, the Program Chair of IV21, introduced the outline and the statistics of IV21.

The highlights of the plenary session are definitely the plenary speeches given by three distinguished speakers. Dr. Gill Pratt from Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Research Institute gave a talk about “incorporating human intelligence into intelligent vehicles”. Prof. Shinpei Kato from the University of Tokyo and TierIV shared with us the “open source journey towards intelligent vehicles for everyone”. Prof. Christoph Stiller from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology discussed “why does it take so long to deploy automated vehicles”.

After the plenary speeches, an Award Ceremony was held. Four IV21 awards, including the Best Paper Award – First, Second and Third Places and the Best Student Paper Award, were presented by Chunzhao and Prof. Brendan Morris, the Award Co-Chair of IV21. Finally, Prof. Cristina Olaverri Monreal, the President-Elect of IEEE ITS Society, and Kazuya gave closing remarks, which concluded the plenary session.

This is the first time in IV history to have the plenary session broadcasted from a television studio. It was really appreciated by the audience as there were quite a lot of comments, discussions, Q&As, and interactions in the chat of the broadcasting youtube channel during the plenary session. In addition to the questions from the plenary speakers, there are also some comments for this unprecedented plenary session, e.g., “Great format for presentation. Well done!”, “Thank you for the nice talk and the great efforts to organise this conference!”, etc.

The plenary session is available at until July 17, 2021, so please check it out if you miss it or if you want to watch it again. Once again, thanks to all of the participants for joining IV21, and please check our portal site and our website regularly for more information.